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Let's talk Pandemic PROTOCOL!

Getting back to applying henna in the midst of a global pandemic sounds pretty freakin scary, I know. Admittedly, I am a germaphobe and a hypochondriac.. so I had my reservations to start applying henna again when my state restrictions opened back up..

Please take my advice with a grain of salt, and do what's best for you. I am NOT a scientist or doctor. I want you to protect yourself and loved ones to the best of your abilities! For those of you not ready to take clients, that's perfectly fine, each individual must make their own decisions and has unique circumstances that allow different lifestyle choices. Not everyone has the financial ability to "shelter in place" indefinitely. Reserve judgment and take my advice or leave it! :-) Here are some of my tips for getting back to henna if you are looking to start back with precautions!

First things first, I require ALL guests to wear a mask. PERIOD. I got my own face mask, which I clean each day, as well as my face shield from GLOWBACK LED to protect my eyes and my clients! I LOVE the face shield with the cap ( I decorated it with softscrub bleach) as an extra layer of protection. It is totally clear, so it does not interfere with my ability to see clearly and apply henna. Just be careful not to lean too close, you don't want to smear your design with the end of the clear visor! (Click to purchase your face shield:)

Pictured above: my view through the looking glass AKA face shield! Say hi to Smee!

I am currently taking on low volumes of clients. That way I am fresh for each person, and able to fully clean and disinfect areas between clients. Each client books in advance and is decorated open air, on my front porch. I pull my hair back so I never touch my face during appointments.

Pictured above is the space I work with for now! I have a fan set up, blowing air diagonally so that my clients feel comfortable in the Miami heat. Fans are somewhat effective in keeping bugs away too! In addition, I burn incense to keep mosquitos and other pests away for the duration of the appointment. I cover my hand bolster with fresh sheets of paper towels to protect it and toss them directly after I am finished service. Avoid resting clients hands or feet directly on your lap, this might transfer la 'rona onto your clothing. I give away the henna cone at the end or toss it if it is not completely finished to my clients, there is no re-using on others!

I wear disposable gloves at all times and carefully wash my hands properly before and after our appointments. I brushed up on hygiene courses and went ahead and took some new certifications on the WHO website for free. JUST BECAUSE! I encourage anyone to take these free courses so that your up to date on hygiene protocols, and so clients know you care! It doesn't take too long!


Finally, before I get started, I always wipe down clients skin with my 70% rubbing alcohol. All the furniture clients sit on are exposed to direct sunlight for hours each morning on the porch. I am no scientist, but think sunlight also kills the virus after a few hours, if any particles hitch a ride on clothing. I also wipe furniture and doorknobs down with lysol disinfectant spray on a paper towel as an extra precaution.

Above: a 30 minute session! My client was very happy.

I hope this helps answer some questions and quell some anxiety on applying henna again. I know nothing is certain, but I do my very best to give the safest service to my clients and protect myself and family members. Please comment with any questions or concerns, I love hearing from you!

XOXO -Moonchildita

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