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Henna Aftercare Instructions!

Step 1: CAREFULLY allow the wet henna paste to dry on the skin. This takes 15-25 mins based on the Humidity in the air.

Step 1.5: Henna will look like dried mud on the skin once it is fully dry.

Step 2: Keep the henna paste on the skin as long as you can for best results! Anywhere from 1 hour-6 for best results. Some people actually sleep with their henna paste on. I don't recommend this if you move around alot or are a sweaty sleeper!

Step 3: Flake off the dry henna paste or let it fall off outside. Do not wash it off! This can make the henna stain less potent by exposing it to water too soon.

A fresh henna stain will appear to be a bright pumpkin orange color at first! DO NOT PANIC! This is the natural oxidization process, it will darken to a reddish-brown hue in 1-2 days.

Natural henna freckles (fresh stain phase!)

Step 4: Moisturize your henna stain to keep it as long as possible! Henna stains last anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on your body chemistry and lifestyle. Exercise, swimming, bathing and cleaning often are all activities that shorten the lifespan of a henna stain by exfoliating the skin cells.

Enjoy your henna and be sure to tag me in your pictures if you take any! I love to see your beautiful faces & results on Instagram! TAG ME @thehennawitch

Optional steps: Steaming your henna (when the paste is on). Heat is a known factor in achieving a darker stain along with wearing the henna on the skin for as long as possible. Use a tea kettle or whatever you prefer to create some steam and carefully run your hennaed area through the steam. Take care not to burn yourself, steam can be very hot and do not over-steam to the point of smearing your design with too much water vapor!

Exfoliate your henna design with a gentle scrub and loofa when you want your henna stain gone, or just let nature take its course! It will look "patchy" when it's on its way out. Enjoy!

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